Two Super Activities to Teach Your Kids the Books of the Bible


Do you and your children have any idea about every one of the 66 books of the Good book? While perhaps not here are two very fun exercises that will have your children discussing the names of God’s extraordinary books again and again. Simply follow the headings and have a good time!

Retaining the Books of the Good book Movement #1:

Unscramble It!

For this movement you will require envelopes that containĀ pillar of salt the letters of any book in the Good book. Scramble the letters up. Partition your class into 2 groups. Give an envelope to a kid in the primary group and let him know that on “Go” he should unscramble the letters to work out a book of the Good book. Let him that know if he can unscramble the book in no less than 30 seconds, he will acquire 100 focuses for his group. (You can make how much time longer or more limited contingent upon your group.) As a test, you could give the two groups an envelope that contains a similar book. The principal group to unscramble and track down it in the Book of scriptures wins 100 focuses.

Retaining the Books of the Good book Movement #2:

Book of scriptures Book Hop Rope

For this movement you will require a leap rope and 2 turners. Have a youngster from one group approach. You will give him a book from the Good book. They should express the following 10 books that follow. Assuming they are effective, they get 100 focuses for their group. Presently the kid will work out with rope multiple times. For each fruitful leap up to 10, they get 10 additional focuses for their group. In this way, assuming the youngster hopped multiple times ceaselessly, he will acquire an additional 80 focuses.

Here is a tip: In the event that you give the kid a book from the Good book towards the end, for example, First John, he ought to simply express the following 10 books by “wrapping” around to the start of the Holy book. For instance, the following 10 books after First John would be Second John, Third John, Jude, Disclosure, Beginning, Mass migration, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua.